Cookie Policy AFTER THE AUCTION – Bolli&Romiti



The final price to be paid is equal to the hammer price plus 24% of commission fee, inclusive of applicable VAT. The payment must be completed within 7 working days from the date of the auction by:

  • Cash, up to € 2,999.00
  • Credit card/bancomat (cards accepted: Mastercard, Visa and AmEx)
  • Bank transfer to: Intesa SanPaolo, Branch 6831, Roma-Prati, IBAN: IT11W0306903388100000009017 BIC/SWIFT: BCITITMM


Winning bidders must collect purchased items within 10 working days from the end of the auction, upon exhibition of IDs and/or a written authorization from the winning bidder in case of collection by a third party.

If requested, Bolli&Romiti Staff may take care of packing the goods at the purchaser’s risk and expenses. Purchased items will be stored at Bolli&Romiti until the payment is properly completed or the item is given back to the original owner.

After 10 working days from the end of the auction, Bolli&Romiti is not accountable anymore either for goods’ custody/damage, if any, and the purchaser is charged the following storage costs: (I) Furniture/sculptures: € 15,00/day + VAT (II) Paintings: € 10,00/day + VAT (III) Objects: € 5,00/day + VAT. Upon notification, items can be transferred to the storage space of Itaca Transport (Via Rocca di Cave 31, Roma) which will apply the same storage fees plus shipping cost.


Bolli&Romiti Staff is glad to assist winning bidders with the shipping of purchased goods, at the purchaser’s risk and expense. The Law Decree no. 42 of 22/01/2004 settles the export out of Italy of cultural heritage and goods. The EU Regulation no. 3911/92, as modified by EU Regulation no. 2469/96 and by EU Regulation no. 974/01, regulates the export of cultural heritage and goods outside the EU.

Purchasers have to provide themselves with the exportation licences neeeded, if any. Bolli&Romiti is not accountable for the release of such authorizations but, if needed, it may support the purchaser with the exportation compliance. In case of authorization denied, the purchase of the lot/s is not nullified. With reference to art. 8, 1st paragraph, letter B – DPR 633/72, in order to take the lot/s outside the UE and claim the VAT refund, purchasers have to (I) Complete customs’ papers within 3 months from the invoice date (II) Send to Bolli&Romiti the original customs papers or equivalent document, considering that the 3 months’ term from the invoice date may be suspended until the export certification is released.