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Participating at auction is easy and free. Bidders can participate in person, by phone or virtually. Browse our online catalogue, discover the lots on sale, choose the way to participate that you prefer.

Before each auction the items are displayed through an exhibition, during which customers have the opportunity to examine the items on sale and verify their authenticity, the state-of-the-art, the material, the provenance and the consistency with the picture(s) and the description reported in the catalogue and online. Descriptions and estimations in the catalogue riportate in catalogo rispecchiano rispettivamente l’opinione dei nostri esperti sulle opere e le valutazioni economiche di esse.

The starting price  initial price proposal – is generally equal to the lower extimation reported in the catalogue. The following bids are approximately of 10% and at auctioneer’s discretion. For the items that are sold at the best bidder (M.O. – Migliore offerente), the starting price is € 50.00.


To participate at auction in person, by coming to the sale room, upon communication of personal information and ID, bidders are given a paddle with an identification number. When bidders aim to make a bid, they need to raise their paddle and wait for their offer to be validated by the auctioneer. When the bids are over, the highest bid becomes the winning bid, at the amount declared by the auctioneer, plus commission fees.


Bidders can participate live online from PC, tablets and smartphone. Find how to join the live auction.


Bidders can also leave a written offer by sending the form through our website, by fax to +390687670147 or by e-mail to offerte@bolliromiti.it. and reporting the maximum bid. The bidder can win the lot even for a amount which is lower than his maximum bid, if noone else bids more. Offers that are lower than the lower extimation reported in the catalogue cannot be accepted. Bolli&Romiti is not accountable for the missed or mistaken execution of the offers. They are considered valid only if sent at least 2 hourse before the beginning of the auction.


Lastly, bidders can participate by phone sending the form through our website, by fax to +390687670147 or by e-mail to offerte@bolliromiti.it. Bidders will be contacted by Bolli&Romiti staff a few minutes in advance, in order to be sure that the phone participation is properly managed. Phone participation is allowed considering staff and lines constraints and calls can be recorded.