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How to sell

Goods evaluation

Our experts are available for free evaluations of objects or collection to sell at auction. A preliminary evaluation may be based on pictures and/or available information/documentation. If needed, evaluations may be done directly on site.

At a later time, Bolli&Romiti and the seller agrees on a reserve price, which is the minimum selling price. The reserve price is strictly confidential and will be garanteed by the auctioneer by related increments. If the reserve price is not reached, the items goes unsold.

Permission to sell

On the hammer price, the commission fee is 17%, including VAT, insurance, marketing activities and other applicable taxes. The seller is responsible for the transportation to/from the exhibition site (if needed).

When the goods are delivered to Bolli&Romiti, a contract stating the reserve price, the description of the good/s and the condition of sale is subscribed by both parties. Before the auction, the seller receives a copy of the catalogue with his objects.

According to the Droit de suite – Artist’s Resale Right, regulated by the Law Decree no. 118 (13/02/2006), the authors of figurative artworks, alive or deceased within the previous 70 years, are entitled to a fee on the sale price of his/her works for any sale after the first one. Such fee is on the seller and is deposited to the SIAE by Bolli&Romiti, it is valid for selling price equal or above € 3,000.00 and cannot be above € 12,500.00 for each item. The fee is determined as follow:

  • 4% for the amount of the final price up to € 50,000.00
  • 3% for the amount of the final price between € 50,000.01 and € 200,000.00;
  • 1% for the amount of the final price between € 200,000.01 and € 350,000.00;
  • 0,5% for the amount of the final price between € 350,000.01 and € 500,000.00;
  • 0,25% for the amount of the final price between € 500,000.00

Post sale duties

After the auction, sellers receives a provisional report with sale results.

After 15 working days from the auction, Bolli&Romiti sends the seller the payment due for the lot/s sold, based on the hammer price less the commission fee and any agreed-upon expenses, if the winning bidder paid for the purchase and no claim or controversy concerning the items sold occurred. If the winning bidder does not complete the payment, items are kept by Bolli&Romiti until the payment is done or the item is given back to the owner.

The payment is done by:

  • Cash, up to € 2,999.00
  • Bank draft
  • Bank transfer

The sale invoice issued by Bolli&Romiti report the hammer price, commission fee and any other expenses on the seller that may occur.

Unsold lots

Unsold lots must be collected by the seller at his expenses within 7 daysafter the auction.

After 10 working days from the end of the auction, Bolli&Romiti is not accountable anymore either for goods’ custody/damage, if any, and the seller is charged the following storage costs: (I) Furniture/sculptures: € 15,00/day + VAT (II) Paintings: € 10,00/day + VAT (III) Objects: € 5,00/day + VAT. Upon notification, items can be transferred to the storage space of Itaca Transport (Via Rocca di Cave 31, Roma) which will apply the same storage fees plus shipping cost.